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I am a Bristol based artist interested in exploring new mediums and techniques. From a background in life drawing, I am now working in sculpture, new media and children's books. This is my wall and I will hang pictures here.


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Age is a process of reducing the world to its outline.

About Me

My photo
I am a Bristol based artist interested in exploring new mediums and techniques. From a background in life drawing, I am now working in sculpture, new media and children's books. This is my wall and I will hang pictures here.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

North Bristol Art Trail 2017

The North Bristol Art Trail November24th 25th and 26th

Takes place on a yearly basis on the last weekend in November. This year I am exhibiting with Isobel Galt Morris at 26 Sefton Park Road Bristol. It is venue 36 on the trail.northbristolartists.org.uk The website has an interactive  map to guide around the trail. We are starting the weekend with a preview between 7pm-9pm on Friday 24th.Saturday and Sunday we are open 10am-6pm. There are 4 venues in Sefton Park road open. There is an interactive app which can be downloaded apps.cactus.co.uk/nba.from Googleplay or AppStore.

This year I have been experimenting with a technique which started 3 years ago at the retrospective exhibition of Paul Klee (born 1879-1940). at Tate Modern. After seeing the exhibition I was intrigued by what Paul Klee described as Oil transfers. He taught these techniques at the Bauhaus. He used oil paint to make transfers -a type of monoprint. Examples of this technique are "The Twittering Machine" and" Ghost of a Genius" a self portrait by Paul Klee. I experimented with sketches and used ideas connected with Paul Klees use of colours from Green to red and red to green and used shapes in a post cubist way. Many of my paintings using these techniques have been based on life drawing themes. However this year I have also included new themes using dogs and rooms. There are also favourites from previous years and some twig and ink sketches

Room 2 (Studio with dogs) Oil transfer with watercolour
Original framed £300.  Giclee prints £25 £15 A4

Molly 1 (in browns) Oil transfer with watercolour
Original framed£250. Giclee prints £25 A3 and £15 A4

Molly 2. Oil transfer with watercolour
Original framed£250. Giclee print  £15 A4

Pensive .Oil transfer with watercolour
Original framed £250. Giclee prints £15 A4

Forward and Back . Oil transfer with watercolour
Original framed £250. Giclee prints £25 A3 and£15 A4

Room1( with Paul Klee and Van Gough influences)
Oil transfer with watercolour.
Original framed £300. Giclee prints £25 A3 £15 A4

Monday, 22 February 2016

New Exhibition BODY at Centrespace Gallery Bristol

"Titivating" Giclee prints A2 size £40 framed £20 unframed twig and ink

"Twisting pierrot" 505mmx610mm. Both coloured pictures oil and watercolour Price £300 framed Original. Prints sizes various £18 A2
I am exhibiting with 6 other artists we are all exploring themes related to the human body. These are 3 of the eleven pictures I am exhibiting Preview night 25th February

For me retirement provided the perfect opportunity to explore my lifetime interest in painting and drawing. I decided that when I retired I was going to paint so I enrolled in life drawing classes several years beforehand and completed a Foundation Art Course at Queens Road Bristol after I retired. I found studio space in my second year at the Bristol Diving School and when that was sold I moved to Hamilton House in Stokes Croft.
Early in 2014 I became inspired by the Paul Klee Exhibition at Tate Modern and this saw my painting change  direction. I've always been experimental and this year I've found myself particularly interested by the oil transfer techniques and exploring them as well as cubist and colour techniques that Paul Klee used, in my  drawing and paintings.
I practised using cubes and produced some from red to green paintings. I used different transfer ways using a variety of sketches. Klee's transfer was a type of monoprint using black oil paint. Last year I started my journey and there were a number of changes from using one transfer in oil experimenting with backgrounds, through to animal sketches, printing sketches, to the most recent paintings   where I am using sketch transfers on top of each other and painting shapes in colours from red to green. This year the techniques have developed and I have 8 new works:- "The gods within me", "Twisting Pierrot", 2 in One reclining", "Flying","3in One", "Arising Up"," Evolution" and "Tumbling around". I have also done 4 quirky pets "Cat","Dog1","Doodle","Dog2".All semi abstract.  
About 20 years ago I was introduced to the technique of using twig ink and wash in the life drawing setting. Using a twig seemed to free my  work as the line can be thick or thin at random. I have also been searching along the lines less is more and the simple quick sketches, "Stretching" and "Titillating" are in twig and ink giving them an emotional and moving quality. The third is an ink only sketch "Stretching". I started using grey scale painting at College and I wanted to explore painting portraits and this led to the 2 paint sketches "Black on White" and "White on Black". All the pictures are  on sale as limited giclee prints.                                                                           June Hoy September 2015 
contact details:j.hoy@blueyonder.co.uk.Facebook June Hoy.01179232702.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Open Studios Hamilton House 2015

Hamilton House Open Studios
 The following painting will be on show at the Hamilton House Open Studios this Saturday 26th September 12md -6pm and Sunday 27th September 12md-4pm.My Studio is right at the end of the 3rd Floor. As well as framed prints there are also unframed prints and cards for sale.
"3 in One".Painting in oil transfer and watercolour after Paul Klee 

"Flying" Oil transfer and watercolour after Paul Klee

"Tumbling around" Oil transfer and watercolour after Paul Klee

"2 in One reclining" Oil transfer and watercolour

"Arising up" Oil transfer and watercolour after Paul Klee
Hamilton House is having a tennants Open Studios over the weekend of the 26th September. Preceeded with an artists exhibition week preview on the 19th September. Great opportunity to visit my studio space and view my work.
The first time showing of a print "The gods within me" . This gyclee print of A3 size will be available for sale at £35.
"Streaching" Ink sketch on paper

"Reaching" Twig and ink sketch.

 These are two of three sketch prints . They are framed at just smaller than A2 size and cost £40. Unframed they are £25.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

North Bristol Trail

"On the Move" Twig ink and wash

"Dancing" Twig ink and wash
"Musing"Twig ink and wash
 I have temporary membership on the North Bristol Arts Trail and am exhibiting with 4 other artists in 26 Sefton Park  Road BS7 9AJ on 29th November & 30th November 10am-6pm daily in Bristol. In January I visited the Tate Modern Paul Klee Exhibition and since then have been experimenting with his techniques and these new paintings will be on show as well as new life drawing pictures so seen above http://.northbristolartists.org.uk

"Roar" by June Hoy

 This picture was made from a sketch of a lion roaring and monoprinted in oil which Klee called oil
        transfer .The picture was painted in watercolours and mounted on card.

  "Sunflowers with fish" by June Hoy.Oil transfer with watercolour on paper

"Twisting and turning" by June Hoy.  Oil transfer watercolour on paper mouted on card.  The process moves on to adapt to multiple sketches combined.

"Refection" by June Hoy. Oil trasfer watercolour on paper mounted on card.   Again using multiple sketches

Monday, 2 December 2013

Coexist Pop up Shop on now for the whole of December at the Canteen Stokes Croft Bristol

 Hi most of the Artists and Craftspeople from the Coexist Studios are selling their wares for the whole of December it's now on.The launch Party is Tuesday (tomorrow) 3rd December 5.30pm-8.30pm
For the first time I have brought together my paintings and prints for sale come along and browse! I have a selection below for you to preview!

"Seed Heads 1"Giclee Print. Price£45    

by June Hoy

"Self Portrait" after Andy Worhol Price£25
by June Hoy.
Giclee print

"Seed Heads 3" Original painting. Price£50    
  by  June Hoy
Multimedia inks/paints  on paper

"Lions Head exploration" Original painting.  Price£38
 by June Hoy
Painted with  inks

    "Ink marks" Original Painting. Price£38
by June Hoy
     Painted with inks in yellow, blues and brown

     "Painted batik flowers 1". Price £30
Original painting
 by  June Hoy
   Inks and watercolour

"Painted batik flowers 2". Price £30
 Original painting
by  June Hoy
Inks and watercolour

"Snuggling church in French Pyrenees" Price £30
Original painting- watercolour with inks   by June Hoy

"Expectant in pink" Original painting.Price£30
  by  June Hoy
 Twig,  ink and wash

"Half reclining" Original painting. Price £42
  by June Hoy
   Mounted  Twig, ink and wash

Sketch for series the Crosses of Rome. Price £46
                                by June Hoy
Oil pastels with gold paint

"Water patterns" Irish memories. Price£45
by June Hoy
Original drawing in pastels

"Emerald Isle3" memories of Ireland. Price£20
 by June Hoy
Watercolour on paper

"Emerald Isle1" memories of Ireland.  Price£20
by June Hoy
  Watercolour on paper

"Emerald Isle2" memories of Ireland. Price£20
by June Hoy
Watercolour on paper

"Sunflowers"  Price £35
  June Hoy
           Lino Print on Rice Paper

Sunflower original lino print on paper. Price £25
 by June Hoy
Blue on white

Small sunflower print on paper. Price£5
by June Hoy
Black and white

       Small sunflower print. Price £10
by June Hoy
    Green and  blue on rice paper

Multi small prints on rice paper. Price £10
by June Hoy
Black and red